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Supplements Essential to My Marathon Training: Michelle Adams

By: Michelle Adams, M.P.H., CISSN-H, CSCS Director of Science & Education, The first thing people generally think about when it comes to training for a marathon is: carbohydrates. The... Read More


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Decadent Delight Dessert Pudding

Ingredients: 2 scoops Decadent Delight™ Protein 1 T Sugar-Free Instant Pudding Water or Milk (about 2-3 fl oz) Toppings: Sugar-Free Whipping Cream Sprinkles Instructions: Mix ingredients in a bowl, then... Read More


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Track & Field Buying Guide

The difference between winning and losing during the track & field season can come down to seconds and feet. Whether you’re making laps around the track or spending time on... Read More


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Tennis Season Buying Guide

It’s time to get the racquet out and hit the courts for tennis season! Whether you’re a baseline player or serve & volley you’ll need an advantage over your opponent.... Read More


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4 Outdoor Training Tips for Spring

Authored by: Dr. Robert Portman Although there are hints of spring, much of the country is still experiencing freezing temperatures. The extended cold has frustrated athletes who by now want... Read More


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Baseball Season Buying Guide

As the weather breaks and hitting practice moves from the indoor cages to the field outdoors make sure to be in peak shape and have the ability to “play two”... Read More



Good Question: What are your best products to get “ripped”?

This question rings out throughout the fitness universe as winter fades in the rearview mirror and sunny warm days are on the horizon. With so many products on the market... Read More


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Supercharge Your Supplements – Creatine

The GNC Accelerator Series™ is our new approach to customizing your supplement routine. Each booster – leucine, creatine, and glutamine – allows you to create endless product combinations based on... Read More



GNC 2013 Vendor Awards

It’s red carpet season and we’re joining in here at GNC. Every year we honor select vendors with the prestigious GNC Vendor awards. Put on your best dress, take your... Read More


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The Vegetarian Athlete Guide to Supplemental Protein

In our previous post of Popular Diets In Review: Vegetarian, we explored the benefits of this plant-based diet as well as the variations of vegetarianism. Although the benefits are clear,... Read More