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Published: February 16th, 2012
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Where to start?  When it comes to long-term healthy body composition, that’s a good question.  Everyone has their own opinion.  What’s always worked for me is starting with a cleanse or detoxification.  This is where the 7 Day Fast Loss Kit comes into play.  It’s a great way to boost the weight loss process from the beginning.  You experience quick results which makes the mental process of weight loss very gratifying and motivating.

Why would I choose to start with this product vs. everything else available in the Total Lean line?  Aside from the fact that quick results are quite motivating, there’s much more to it than that.  The 7 Day Fast Loss Kit includes:

  • Lean Shake: A clinically proven meal replacement to help control calorie intake and facilitate weight loss
  • Daily Diet Pak: supplements to help burn calories, increase energy and support water balance
  • Pre-Diet Cleanse: A once/day cleanse that gently rids the body of built-up toxins

I like that it’s a comprehensive kit so I have all the tools I need.

The Lean Shake is great because I have a hectic life (who doesn’t) and making the time to prepare, cook, and plan meals is stressful and takes a lot of time; so this eliminates those obstacles.  Because it contains protein, the Lean Shake can also help me build lean muscle mass while I’m working out  which supports a healthy metabolism!  It is fiber-rich, and keeps me feeling full and satisfied.  It’s rounded out with the vitamins, minerals, and fat that my body needs for maintenance.  All great things…

The Daily Diet Pak includes a thermogenic, water balancing formula, and a green tea complex.  The thermogenic is clinically proven to increase calorie burning by up to 60%* for up to one hour post workout.  It contains the caffeine content of an 8oz. cup of Starbucks Bold Pick of the Day coffee.  Plus, when I have a little boost of caffeine before my workouts, I can really resist the temptation to quit because of fatigue.  It definitely keeps me going!  The water balance formula is all-natural, containing potassium, magnesium, electrolytes, B-6, herbs, and antioxidants.  Lastly, the Green Tea Complex helps to enhance the metabolism so you can burn more calories.  It contains EGCG, polyphenols, and more (which are great for many functions in the body).  My favorite part is that it’s all natural.

The third component is the Pre-Diet Cleanse.  This is the main reason why I start with this program before jumping to anything else in the Total Lean line.  This cleanse helps remove the toxins, supports healthy digestion, and aids in kidney and urinary tract health.  Just in case you didn’t remember, the GI system and kidneys play vital roles in your everyday life!  This formula contains fiber, which helps scour the walls of the GI, the fruit and veggie blend helps to nourish the body, and the cleansing blend helps remove buildup.  Think of this as: remove, repair, and re-introduce.  Your body will thank you for it!

When you use this program you’ll find the Meal and Exercise Guide.  Usually, I like to improvise my own diet plan but in this case, it’s VERY important to follow the suggestions for several reasons.  First, you’ll notice a healthy mix of protein, fats, and carbs.  Our bodies need all 3 of these! Just make sure you choose good fats and good carbs (complex carbs).  You’ll also see suggestions for eating foods that are ‘living’ (not processed, in their natural state).  This is so important for your body because this is real food for your body; it nourishes, feeds, and fills you!  Think about it, living food is what our bodies were designed to consume…packaged and fast food didn’t exist 100 years ago.  The more living food you eat, the healthier your weight will be and the better you’ll feel.  I can’t stress how important FOOD is the critical component here.

So there you have it! Follow the guide with the proper foods and exercise and you’re on your way to a healthy body weight. 

Next time, we’ll talk about what to do to continue your weight loss progress after the 7 Day Fast Loss Kit.  Stay tuned!

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