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Metabolism Boosters & GenetixHD META-IGNITE

Published: May 30th, 2012
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Exercise and diet are the way to go to truly unleash the potential of your metabolism but there are ways to help speed up your metabolism through supplements as well.

GenetixHD Meta-Ignite is a new product from GNC designed to fuel metabolism. Meta-Ignite is highlighted by a Tri-Pepper blend that contains caffeine, black pepper, and Capsimax. It’s packed with thermogenic ingredients to ramp up metabolism and increase calorie burning.

On top of using GenetixHD Meta-Ignite there are other ways to help boost your metabolism. Here are 3 ways to naturally boost your metabolism:


Genetix-HD-Meta-ignite1. Eat Breakfast (Always) – Think of your metabolism as a fire and food you eat is the firewood. You need to put some wood on the fire first thing in the morning to get the fire burning. When eating breakfast start with some protein. A lack of protein can lead to excessive protein catabolism, or breakdown, and may obstruct your athletic goals.

Some options for a breakfast are a whole wheat bagel with some peanut butter and a protein shake. If you’re not a shake kind of person try some eggs with some whole wheat toast and a piece of fruit instead, eggs are a good source of protein and a great breakfast food. Emerging research indicates that dietary protein may be more effective at inducing satiety and suppressing food intake relative to carbohydrate or fat.


2. Exercise – Working out will get your metabolism jumping. In addition to exercise being a great way to burn calories, it can also help you to feel more energetic. Exercise whenever it fits into your schedule. Some individuals find that morning workouts help them the jump-start their day, but if the thought of waking up before the sun comes up makes you want to cry, try a lunchtime or after work time slot to get that calorie burn going.

3. Snack – Going back to the analogy of your metabolism being a fire you need to keep adding fuel to keep the fire going. Therefore snacking during the day can keep that fire going. The key again is what foods we choose to eat to help satisfy our appetite.  The best foods it turns out are those that don’t cause our blood sugar levels to rise rapidly after the food is consumed.  Therefore eating a high fat and sugar candy bar, which causes a rapid spike in blood sugar will ultimately make us hungry again very quickly as compared to eating foods with protein and complex sugars.

Examples are nuts, beef jerky, oatmeal or protein bar and protein smoothies, all will result in a much slower rise in blood sugar and better appetite and hunger suppression. Aim for something that will satisfy you but won’t make you feel overfull or add too many calories to your budget for the day.

Go ahead and try out those three very easy ways to increase your metabolism naturally. If you are looking for the most advanced muscle defining and body sculpting system available to maximize your genetic potential check out our entire line of GenetixHD products.

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