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The Fembody Story

Published: May 31st, 2012
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If you’re like me, day after day, it’s business meetings, dance recitals, fitness classes, birthday dinners — the list goes on. But how exactly are we supposed to fit wellness into our busy lives? The list of excuses is just as long, but come on, ladies! We need to take better care of ourselves! It’s so often that we are successful in our work and family endeavors but put our own needs on the back burner.Profile Shot

As a woman, you deserve the best for yourself and your body, and this is exactly how Fembody, a line of nutritional supplements designed by women, for women, came to be. Heather Hausenblas, PhD, saw the lack of attention in premium supplements tailored to women and filled that void by creating Fembody.

Fembody focuses on the health of women with unique, innovative nutritional supplements. This new line allows women to find cutting edge specialty support for beauty, metabolism, and wellness in one go-to premium brand now at GNC.

Fembody also chose Paula Abdul as the face of the line to give generations of women a greater sense of empowerment. Acclaimed recording artist and choreographer, Paula is the embodiment of strong women everywhere. By encouraging women to supplement their nutrition, Paula Abdul feeds her passion to make wellness a lifestyle, not a chore.

“I am thrilled to start this journey as Fembody‘s spokeswoman,” Ms. Abdul said. “I am looking forward to building the Fembody brand and assisting women embrace positive change in their lives to help maintain their health.”

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As a modern woman with presentations to give, cupcakes to bake and yoga classes to attend, don’t think twice: you know you can rely on Fembody to supplement your everyday routine.


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