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Warm Weather Training Tips

Published: July 31st, 2012
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Do you sit inside all day at work only to get into a car and drive to an indoor gym? This may be alright in the winter but as the summer heats up you may want to ditch the gym and get outside for some fresh air and exercise. Here are some tips to help you adapt from an air conditioned gym to the summer heat outdoors.

1. In warm weather the most important thing is to avoid over heating from dehydration.  This can lead to heat exhaustion and heat stroke.  Water is the best for replenishing during workouts less than 30 minutes.  However, with higher intensity endurance exercise, sports/electrolyte drinks like GNC XP Sport may be necessary to maintain stamina. Also douse yourself with water now and then to clean off drying sweat and mineral deposits on your skin freeing up your pores.

2. Change the duration of your workouts, not the intensity.  There is a tendency to think that you should limit the rise in your heart rate as you would exhaust yourself too quickly and over heat.  This would lead to a loss in your level of performance over time.  Instead, keep your intensity up, but you may need to decrease the duration until you are acclimatized.

AMP-recovery-protein-XR3. You can train in the mornings or evenings when the heat of the sun is less intense.  However, if you are trying to get in shape for an outdoor competition or race you won’t be acclimatizing to the heat and you will exhaust much more easily come race time, especially if it is during mid-day.

4. Recovery is crucial when training in hot weather!  Not only rehydrating but getting adequate rest and restoring lost nutrients.  Make sure to fuel your body with a healthy diet and a complementary multivitamin. Training in the sun and heat can cause undue stress on the body, so do all that you can to take care of it through nutrition. In addition, getting a good night sleep in a cool room with air conditioning is critical.  Don’t get frustrated with a sweaty bed and restless night of sleep.

5. You may expend more energy in the sun so you may need to increase the clean carbohydrates and protein in your diet. A supplement like GNC Amplified Recovery Protein XR is good choice. It includes waxy maize which serves as a carbohydrate source to replace glycogen stores during the recovery process. Plus, it contains fast- and slow-absorbing proteins to provide your body with the building block of muscle tissue. Between the glycogen-replenishing carbs and BCAA’s, unwanted protein breakdown can be limited.

6. Avoid oily sunscreens that can disrupt your ability to sweat.  Some aerosols work well.

7. There are many opportunities for new and exciting ways to exercise in the summer – activities like rock climbing, biking, and swimming.  There are also GNC Pro Performance Training equipment you can use almost anywhere outside. Since you might not be used to these types of activities start low and go slow.  Build up your tolerance and use appropriate safety precautions to avoid injury.

Getting outside for exercise is a great change of pace for gym goers who routinely stay inside for their workout. Another great part of training outside is there are no membership fees! Grab your training partner and head to a local park, high school field, or your front yard to soak up the sun and live healthy!

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

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