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GNC Holiday Gift Guide – 3 Ideas for Under $40

Published: December 8th, 2012
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Which kind of Holiday shopper are you? The shopper who is finished with their shopping before Thanksgiving? The shopper who is in line with a handful of bags on December 24? The shopper with the sore eyes & hand from all the online viewing and clicking? Whichever kind of shopper you are these three great gifts would be a fantastic addition to anyone’s gift pile!

1. GNC Beyond RAW® Gym Bag

Short Version: This bag is versatile, durable, and stylish! GNC_Beyond_Raw_Gym_Bag

Long Version:

  • Six zippered pockets + two audio ports
  • Water bottle holder
  • Inner pouch for phone or small electronics
  • Extra strong nylon for lasting durability
  • $29.99

Buy the GNC Beyond RAW® Gym Bag For…

….your workout partner who has been carrying the same bag around for the last few years. They’ll appreciate the upgrade!

GNC_Resistance_Band_Training_Set2. GNC Pro Performance® Resistance Band Training Set

Short Version: These
bands are portable and take up little room but pack a punch when it comes to a workout.




Long Version:

  • 4 Levels of Resistance
  • 1 Door Anchor, 2 Handles
  • 2 Ankle Straps, Carrying Bag
  • 4-Week Complete Training Guide
  • $24.99

Buy GNC Pro Performance® Resistance Band Training Set for…

…the aspiring celebrity trainer in your life . These bands are great for someone who already goes to the gym but wants to burn some extra calories at home without a treadmill taking up an entire room. These are also great for anyone that travels and wants a quick workout!

3. Reebok inColor Digital Pedometer

Short Version: This highly resourceful item counts steps, monitors calories, and more! Reebok_inColor_Digital_Pedometer

Long Version:

  • Digital 3D sensor
  • Automatically tracks the total time the user is “actively moving” through the day.
  • Speed monitor
  • Distance tracker
  • $39.99

Buy the Reebok inColor Digital Pedometer for… 

…the person serious about tracking their fitness this year. This small device will provide enough information to help them achieve their goals!

If you’re still in the shopping gauntlet consider these gifts for the special people in your life. There are also plenty of other gifts ideas on our Great Gift Ideas page. Plus don’t forget a GNC gift card for the health and fitness enthusiast in your life!

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