Eat Well: Weight Management

One Simple Strategy for Weight Management

Published: May 13th, 2013
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Sleep.  With the American way of life, it seems like it’s always in short supply. And getting enough of it is like chasing a dream. You know you need to get your zzz’s but if you’re trying to lose a few pounds, did you know it’s even more crucial to rest up?

A recently published study showed that a lack of sleep led to reduced dietary restraint resulting in weight gain of nearly two pounds in a week when food access remained unlimited. The study took place at the University of Colorado at Boulder in which 16 young and healthy individuals were monitored for two weeks.  The first three days a baseline was established with controlled calorie intake that met their daily caloric needs and up to nine hours of sleep.  After that, patients were split into two sleep groups for five days: a five hour and nine hour sleep group.  Then, individuals switched sleep groups for the following five days.  Both groups were offered larger meals and multiple snack options.

TotalLeanCLAPMThe results showed that both men and women gained weight when restricted to five hours sleep.  They also consumed smaller breakfasts but more calories at night after dinner; carbohydrates, protein and fiber.  Furthermore, during sleep loss, individuals ended up consuming more calories after dinner than any individual meal.  So, even though the five hour sleep groups used ~5% more energy throughout the day, they consumed more calories than needed to maintain weight.

The evidence shows that sleep plays a role in energy metabolism. More importantly, the physical and behavioral habits we’re susceptible to when sleep deprived may very well put the brakes on weight management efforts.  Insufficient sleep seems to have a negative effect on hunger and satiety hormones; all the more reason to get your zzz’s.

To help in your weight management efforts, GNC released Total Lean CLA PM.  It’s stimulant free nighttime metabolism support that promotes restful and restorative sleep.  This CLA is clinically researched and shown to improve body composition and lean muscle tone while fueling fat metabolism to help improve physique.

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