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Healthy Aging Top Tips

Published: May 22nd, 2013
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WHMlogoHealthy aging is something that many worry about – not just women. But this month, as GNC and the Medical Advisory Board celebrate Women’s Health Month, I am excited to share a few of my TOP TIPS on healthy aging for the “fairer sex”. Check out the GNC Medical Advisory Board web page for the rest of my TOP 10 list in this month’s Doctor’s Corner - and for more great articles and information dedicated to women everywhere as we continue our celebration this month.

  • Don’t forget proper nutrition including enough protein and exercise on a regular basis, including weight training for healthy bones and muscles. For more information on protein needs, check out the GNC Protein Number tool!
  • Talk to your doctor about your hormonal balance – it is necessary for proper weight, energy, mood, performance and appearance.
  • Most “normal” women have an “abnormal” amount on their plate every day. Manage your stress and find time for you. This will only help you on your journey to LIVE WELL.
  • Maintain good skin care, which means avoiding excessive sun, using nonabrasive cleansers and appropriate products free of harmful chemicals for your skin type. And of course, when appropriate, enlist the care of a reasonable and qualified anti-aging specialist, plastic surgeon or dermatologist.
  • Be sure to use appropriate supplements when your daily nutrition falls short. Choosing which vitamins you need can be overwhelming, so let the GNC Medical Advisory Board help—visit our GNC Vitamin Guide today.


Remember that aging doesn’t mean loss of beauty or health, and with proper preparation and appropriate intervention, the aging process can be realistically palatable…RESPECT YOURSELF!

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