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Picking Protein Bars: 4 Red Flags

Published: June 18th, 2013
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Protein bars are available everywhere now and some taste just as good as candy bars.  So how can you tell the difference? Check out these four red flags to make sure your selection passes the bar exam:

1.       It tastes too good to be trueChocolateBar

Like most things in life, taking shortcuts really don’t work long term (or at all).  If your protein bar tastes like a Snickers bar, it could be a candy bar incognito. Make sure you read the nutrition fact panel on your selection.  Thanks to advances in food science, delicious and nutritious protein bars are available for the picking, just pick wisely and stay informed.

2.       The calorie count mirrors that of a Quarter Pounder with Cheese

Just because the label says protein does not mean you’re in the clear.  Read your labels to make sure 1 bar is 1 serving and that serving is not going to burst the calorie bank.

3.       Sugar content is higher than protein and fiber content

Don’t mistake this for carb content; overall carb content of the protein bar shouldn’t be as important as the sugar content. Fiber is considered a carbohydrate as indicated on the label.  Fiber is good, it helps move things along and make you feel full.  However, lots of added sugars make your taste buds happy but can cause spikes in blood glucose levels resulting in an energy dip later on.  Watch out for sugar content that exceeds the fiber content in your bar.

4.       The ingredient list reads like a foreign language

If you don’t understand what is included in the ingredient profile, it could be a good idea to get educated or ask a sales associate.   A good protein bar will list the type of protein, fiber, sweeteners, and vitamins included in the bar.  Bottom line, quality ingredients can help you reach your goals and stay on track.


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