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The Science of Toning Cream

Published: September 25th, 2013
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I’ve always been skeptical of creams that promise to magically erase cellulite or tone up trouble spots. Have you ever tried them before?  When GNC released Total Lean™ Toning Cream I was surprised because our formulas are founded on scientific validation. So, I thought I’d get to know the story behind this product because if I’m skeptical, why wouldn’t you be too?

The Claim

As indicated on the packaging, this cream is scientifically designed to tighten and firm the skin’s appearance. It is formulated with powerful antioxidants to protect cells from aging too.  Moisturizers in the formula enhance the appearance of hydration and elasticity as well. So, let’s explore how the study can help alleviate skepticism with science.

The Study


30 women with visible trouble areas on both thighs were recruited for this study. The Toning Cream was applied twice per day (morning and night) to one thigh over 56 days while the other thigh was left untreated. For further investigation, a subset of five participants were randomly chosen for photogrammetric study. Simply put, instead of relying on before and after photos, image analysis software was used to quantify the changes in the treated area, as depicted by before and after photos. The numbers don’t lie!

Two tools used to evaluate findings were Cutometer and Corneometer®. The Cutometer measures skin elasticity and firmness. The Corneometer® provides a method to, reproducibly and accurately, determine hydration level of the skin surface. These are rather sophisticated and complex tools that elevate the science here.

The Technology

The technology is what really tells the story of this product. TPM (Targeted Penetration Matrix) is a research-based technology designed to facilitate better absorption of active ingredients by encapsulating them with forms of vitamin E. TPM “coats” the active ingredient, appearing like the layers of an onion, to control the release and deliver it to the skin where it is needed most. The scientific formulation is the difference. It’s not just a hodge-podge of ingredients. It’s technology applied for customer benefit!

The Use

Participants in the studies saw significant (even to my surprise) improvement in the measured outcomes after using the product for eight weeks. That’s the key – stick with it and use it every morning and evening for eight weeks for best results. This doesn’t mean you abandon your healthy workout and dietary efforts. This is used in combo of those efforts. Consider this another tool in your physique enhancing arsenal compliments of GNC.

Have you ever tried a toning cream before?

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