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Supercharge Your Supplements – Leucine

Published: February 11th, 2014
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The GNC Accelerator Series™ products allow you to create endless product combinations based on your personal fitness goals! Each booster – leucine, creatine, and glutamine – can be added individually to supplements you’re already taking. It’s our brand new approach to customizing your supplement routine!

GNC Accelerator Series™ Leucine was designed to harness the power of leucine. Leucine is an essential amino acid, which cannot be manufactured in the body and is one of the three branched-chain-amino-acids (BCAAs). Leucine is the key branched chain amino acid in regulating muscle protein synthesis.


GNC Accelerator Series™ Leucine fuels muscle protein synthesis with 6g of an advanced micro-peptide leucine complex.*Add to your protein to increase anabolic power & increase insulin to help build muscle.^*



To use add one scoop to your protein supplement to instantly amplify your results. You may need to increase or decrease liquid to modify taste to your liking. You can mix with water, however this product tastes best when mixed with other flavored supplements.

Try these combinations or come up with your own and let us know what they are in the comments below!


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

^When used in conjunction with whey protein isolate and an exercise program. As with any food product, use of this product alone will not lead to increased muscle mass or strength.

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