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Baseball Season Buying Guide

Published: March 25th, 2014
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As the weather breaks and hitting practice moves from the indoor cages to the field outdoors make sure to be in peak shape and have the ability to “play two” this season with these products!

puredgeproteinGNC PUREDGE™ Complete Protein – Natural Chocolate - This complete whole-food-based protein is perfect to take at anytime of the day. Get ready on game day with a nutritious breakfast by mixing the protein in a blender with fruit. Or mix it up easily with a spoon or shaker bottle for a post-workout shake after a hard session in the weight room.



ProPeformanceBCAAComplexChewGNC Pro Performance® BCAA Complex Chew - You put in hard work conditioning so don’t let it go to waste. Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)  are critically important for stimulating muscle protein synthesis, reducing protein breakdown and preserving muscle glycogen stores. Get your essential BCAAs whenever and where ever you are with these convenient chews.


LeanMuscleMealGNC Pro Performance® Lean Muscle Meal – Vanilla Cream - If you don’t want to have a full meal before a game these convenient and tasty shakes are the perfect solution. With 30g of protein and only 1g of sugar they are sure to keep you feeling satisfied through all nine innings.



AbstrapsGNC Pro Performance® Ab Straps - An important part of performing your best and preventing injury during a baseball season is having a strong core. These ab straps help with workouts that increase core strength, stability, and power. These straps give you the ability to target your lower abs, upper abs, or obliques.

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