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Get the inside scoop on health for men and women of all ages. After all, both the young and the young at heart need to know how to LIVE WELL. Just start with vitamins A-Z and build from there. Apply all this knowledge and people will think you’re superhuman healthy.

GNC Kilimanjaro

No Mountain Too High: Conquering Kilimanjaro

We did it! The most incredible sports event for me ever. The entire team completed the trek to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro—the highest free standing mountain in the world.... Read More



Detox Defined

It’s no secret that the term detoxification can cause a stir. Just google the term and you’ll get a list of sites and messages varying from one extreme to the... Read More



Detox Done Right

Now that you have a solid grasp on detoxification from a science-based perspective, it’s time to explore your options. Just as foods (processed and heavily sprayed) can be the culprit... Read More



Spring Forward: 5 Steps for Restful Sleep

Authored by: Z-BURN Daylight Savings Time Starts Sunday, March 9th   The annual ritual of turning our clocks forward is coming soon. To “spring forward” means great things: summer is on... Read More



A ‘Hearty’ Dose of CoQ10

February marks the start of Heart Health month which means I’m often asked about prevention, detection, and solutions for all things heart related. A ‘hearty’ dose of Coq10 may just... Read More



Everything You Need to Know About Vitamin D

Our bodies can make vitamin D when our skin is exposed to sunlight. And a little known fact – it’s actually a hormone that serves several functions: Vitamin D’s major... Read More



Help Your Skin Say Ahhh Instead of Brrr This Winter

Author: Celeste Hilling, skin care expert and CEO, Skin Authority  Frigid, dry air. Scratchy scarves. Overheated buildings. Reduced exposure to sunlight. No wonder your skin feels like the Sahara. In... Read More


beautiful young woman sleeps

5 Tips for Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

Authored By: Z-Burn™ Most of us know that getting a full night of sleep is not only restorative, but essential for a productive and healthy life. Unfortunately, it is not... Read More



Shining A Light On Vitamin D

Reports regarding supplement usage emerge in the media on a regular basis. Regardless of your take on things, one fact that cannot be disputed is that too many Americans have... Read More



3 Energy Supporting Nutrients

This time of year can prove to be especially exhausting. With holiday parties, copious amounts of sugary holiday foods, booze, and travel to see family for the holidays, it’s important... Read More