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Adela Garcia: Training for The Arnold

Q: We are four days out from the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio. How are you feeling?

Adela: As the defending champion I carry a little bit more pressure than the other competitors. I believe every single move we make each day it is important to keep the pressure away and stay focused on the goal. It involves our training, nutrition, supplementation, friends, family, fans, and sponsors.

Adela-Garcia-Jump-ropeQ: What has your training been like recently?

Adela:  The training aspect of the preparation has to be on point at all times. Having a schedule eases the process and it empowers us to stay on track with our goals. As I get closer to step on stage my main focus is to be perfect in my fitness routine. This requires practice every day for 1 hour to develop my endurance and be able to perform a perfect routine.

I put a lot of emphasis on the routine the last week of the show since my body is ready and I can cut my strength training to 3 times a week instead of 5.  It is important for me to have my routine coach with me prior to a major event. Since he’s arrived, we have been working nonstop to make sure I am conditioned and confident. I feel that I am ready!

Q: What has your nutrition plan been like leading up to the event?

Adela:   My nutrition has been on point, well with a few cookies here and there after the Flex Pro Show. There is no room for cookies at this point though. As an athlete we must stay on track with our nutrition. Our bodies need the fuel to perform at the best capacity. I am eating 6 meals a day and my meals are based on solid foods. My meals consist of egg whites, fish, bison, asparagus, kale, oatmeal, and avocado. Pretty simple but full of nutrients to keep my energy up.

Q: What kind of supplements are you taking?

Adela:  Supplementation is key factor during my training and off-season as well. I am blessed to have GNC to supply me with top of the line supplements to keep me on top on my game. My number one supplement is Triple Strength Fish Oil.

Most people know there are benefits of supplementing Fish Oil. Problem is, most just don’t know how many benefits there are. Heart health, brain health, skin health, joint support, inflammation reduction, fat loss aide, lowers cholesterol, maintenance of healthy blood pressure, lowers triglyceride levels, and hormone support*. Some of these benefits, of course, don’t go on un-argued but that’s for you to decide for yourself.

Q: Are there any other supplements you feel are important in your training routine?

Adela: BCAA and Glutamine are my two others top supplements during contest prep.

Glutamine is extremely important to your intestines as it helps maintain your gut structure. Studies have shown that glutamine increases growth hormone by up 400% when at least 2 grams are consumed*. During contest prep we must make up for the glutamine that is depleted during intense training. Glutamine prevents lean muscle mass depletion and it helps preserve the hydration and volume of cells*.

BCAAs seem to reduce muscle breakdown during exercise, increase protein synthesis, regulate blood sugar levels and aid in fat loss. Additionally, BCAAs have been studied for their potential role in delaying central nervous system fatigue especially in athletes*.

Q: How do the people who are close to you in your life effect your preparation?

Adela:  Family and friends, play a major role on my contest prep. I believe in surrounding myself with positive and uplifting individuals. Having family and friends that understand the process of contest prep eases our struggles. I am blessed to have a handful of friends and of course my family that offer me support and are always there for me when I need them. Their understanding is essential in order to stay positive and motivated.

Q: What keeps you motivated to keep going?

Adela: Fans, they keep you going each and every day. I am there for them and they are there for me. One of the major satisfactions in life is to know that each day you touch someone’s life. I love posting motivational quotes, videos, pictures on my fan page: Adela Garcia Facebook Fan page. My fans keep me inspired and motivate me to strive to become my very best.

Q: What has your partnership with GNC meant to you?

Adela: Representing the number one company in the world has been one of the most rewarding blessings in my career. I am honored to be a part of such an amazing team. We are family and not to mention my supplements are always at my front door when I need them.

I am ready to step on stage and make my GNC family proud and thankful for the opportunity to be a sponsored athlete through such a great company!

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*Opinions do not represent the views of GNC. All thoughts, information, & opinions are her own.


GNC & The Arnold Sports Festival 2012

One of the highlights of the Arnold Sports Festival is the Fitness EXPO. There are over 700 booths present at the EXPO that display the latest trends in fitness apparel, supplements, and training equipment.

Arnold-Sports-Festival-2012-bannerThe GNC booth will be located directly in front of the EXPO main stage. The booth will feature free product samples, free GNC Gold Cards, athlete autographs, and the GNC Grip Gauntlet Interactive experience.

There will be 26 total athletes appearing at the GNC booth this year including guest athlete appearances by Ronnie Coleman, Kai Greene, Bill Kazmaier and more.

Besides the Fintess EXPO GNC will be involved in other events as well. The GNC ProPerformance Amp pro Deadlift contest will take place on the main stage Saturday, March 3rd from 4:30pm – 6pm.

GNC is also sponsoring the Ultimate Teen Challenge that will be hosted by Chris Gronkowski and Kurt Angle.

If you’re at the event or if you can’t make it be sure to follow @GNCLiveWell for updates. For a more detailed account of the event from behind the scenes follow our Community Manager @GNC_Dan

The Arnold Sports Festival is the largest multi-sport event in the nation. More than 175,000 people attend each year and is sponsored by GNC.  The event takes place March 1-4 in Columbus Ohio at various locations around the city.  All information about the event can be found on the homepage Arnold Sports Festival 2012

GNC Sponsors Ultimate Teen Challenge

Chris Gronkowski, Running Back for the Indianapolis Colts, and Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle are joining forces with GNC, Dymatize, Supreme Protein and other top fitness sponsors to promote The Second Annual Ultimate Teen Challenge.  The Ultimate Teen Challenge is a strength, agility, football and fitness event for teen athletes at this year’s Arnold Sports Festival.

The Ultimate Teen Challenge’s mission is to elevate awareness of the importance of starting a Kurt-Angle-Ultimate-Teen-Challenge-Bannerhealthy and fit lifestyle at an early age, and to have fun doing it.

Teen athletes will compete for trophies and medals in such events as The Bench Press, The Tire Flip, Inverted Pull-Ups, The Shuttle Run and many others.

The highlight of Sunday’s events will be the GNC Power Plus 2 Dual Bench Press Challenge.  In this event, teens will bench 70% of their combined body weight using a machine specially designed for two people.

In addition to the fitness events, competitors and their coaches or families will have the chance to meet and hear training talks from Gronkowski and Angle.

For information on this event visit Ultimate Teen Challenge


GNC Grip Gauntlet

The GNC Grip Gauntlet is an interactive contest that tests grip strength over three disciplines. Each is designed to test one of the three recognized facets of hand strength: crushing, pinching, and supporting. The Gauntlet was designed by GNC Athletes Wade & Brad Gillingham. Prizes are awarded for successful completion of the challenge.
Disciplines Grip-Gauntlet

Crushing: GNC Pro Performance Hand Grippers

Supporting: Rolling Thunder

Pinching: Blob


In 2002 Wade and Brad Gillingham along with GNC introduced The Blob Challenge at the GNC booth during the Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas, NV. After running the challenge at four events the Gillingham’s wanted to expand the challenge. They came up with an idea to test the three main facets of grip strength.

The GNC Pro Performance Grip Gauntlet debuted at the 2004 Arnold Sports Festival EXPO. An estimated 20,000 competitors over a seven year span from 2004-2010 tested their grip strength in the Gauntlet.  The Gauntlet eventually settled on three formats; Light, Medium, and Heavy.


The GNC booth is located directly in front of the EXPO main stage. Booth activities include free product samples, free GNC Gold Cards, athlete autographs, and the GNC Grip Gauntlet Interactive experience.