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A completely customized line of super-extreme, advanced and clean formulas to cover all of your weight-loss or workout goals. Get ready to take your regimen to the next level with the latest innovations from SX-7.
Hydroxycut® SX-7
Advanced weight loss and clean sensory experience
Hydroxycut® SX-7 Non-Stimulant
Advanced non-stimulant clean weight-loss experience
#Shatter SX-7
Powerful pre-workout experience with clinically tested ingredients
Pro Clinical Muscle Stack SX-7
Powerful, clinically studied stack combines two super-extreme products in one kit:

Clear Muscle SX-7 and Peak SX-7 to deliver a 1-2 punch.
Hydroxycut® SX-7 Drink Mix
Hydroxycut® SX-7 Isolate
plus Weight Loss