Train Well: Advanced Muscle Development

The Catalyst: Meta-Ignite

Meta-Ignite is your true calorie burning, metabolic igniting product.  This is one hardcore thermogenic using a unique Tri-pepper Blend to amplify pre-exercise burning 3 fold^ (300%). Among the ingredients, this Tri-pepper Blend is one of the key catalysts revving your metabolism into optimal performance.


As I describe this mechanism I can’t help but think of a beautiful, pristine BMW M6 with a v10. The engine of the sports car purrs as the power of the engine is felt in the steering wheel just waiting to explode with speed, performance, and seamless acceleration.  There’s just nothing like experiencing craftsmanship at its finest…that’s Genetix HD™.

The specifics of the Tri-Pepper blend making this thermogenic exclusive may or may not be important to you.  However, the importance of this product is the clinically studied formulation; this is assurance of validated results for the no-nonsense athlete and iron pumping competitor.  In the end, consistent and repeatable results tell the story.

Along with the Tri-Pepper blend you’ll find resveratrol, white willow bark, and cinnamon bark.  L-carnitine fuels the metabolism of fatty acids.

Ideally, systems are created to maximize efficiency and enhance results, which is one reason why Genetix HD™ is used as a 3 step process.  However, for those who are married to their current regimen, Meta-Ignite is versatile to be included in anyone’s current system.

For usage with your current program take one serving (3 tablets) 30-60 minutes before workout.

For usage with the Genetix HD™ program (using all 3 products) take one serving (3 tablets) 30-60 minutes before workout**.

When you combine MetaIgnite with your diet and exercise program, you’ll find this formula to do several things:

  • Triple workout calorie burning*^
  • Fuel fatty acid metabolism*
  • Enhance blood vessel dilation*
  • Provide extreme energy*
  • Enhance mental intensity*

For maximum results, use MetaIgnite in combination with the diet and exercise recommendations found in the insert with the product.

You’ll notice an upper body workout recommended for 3 days/week as well as a lower body workout for 3 days/week.  Pair that with a cardio regimen 3-5 days/week for a minimum of 30 minutes and you’ll get the most out of your program.

If you’re an experienced endurance/strength/resistance athlete you understand that diet can make or break any program.  This food program was put together to impact genetic and metabolic pathways helping you to redefine your potential and maximize results. Follow the 1800 calorie meal plan by eating 6xs/day and your body will receive consistent fuel to maximize your efforts.

As one fitness mogul put it, “Meta Ignite gives me exactly what I need to take my workouts to the next level”.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

* *Consume either Pro-Sculpt™ or Meta-Ignite™ as a pre-workout supplement. They are not intended to be taken together.

^In a double blind, randomized, placebo controlled cross-over study, 25 subjects exercised on a treadmill on two occasions. On one occasion the subjects took the thermogenic ingredient combination in this formula 60 minutes before exercise and on the second occasion, they took a placebo.  When the subjects took the thermogenic ingredient combination in this formula, they burned 300% more calories before starting their exercise compared to the placebo group.  The amount of calories burned was higher in the thermogenic ingredient combination in this formula before, during and up to one hour after exercise relative to placebo.  

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