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Top Tips for Male Sexual Health

As a Men’s Health specialist and a GNC Medical Advisory Board member, I get asked about sexual health all the time. While there certainly is a medical science to it, there are lots of basic tips that I share with my patients that can really make a difference. In celebration of Men’s Health Month here at GNC, here are a few of my top tips, enjoy!


  1. Get a checkup by your doctor. Your general health should be optimal in order for your sexual health to be at its best. Preventive screens for prostate, colon, blood pressure, heart and metabolic health are key.
  2. Stay lean! To do so requires attention to all the basic tenets of good health including proper diet (a Mediterranean diet is my preference) and exercise, which also fuel a good sex life.
  3. When you can’t eat all the proper things because you are too busy, take appropriate supplements like those in the GNC Mega Men® line. Additional supplement support in the form of GNC Mega Men® Prostate & Virility  formula, GNC Triple Strength Fish Oil, GNC proteins, or any of the many other products developed with the input of the GNC MAB to suit your specific needs and support sexual health.
  4. Cultivate a loving and exciting relationship with a caring partner.
  5. MegaMenProstateandVirilityDon’t forget about romance! Most couples report a more fulfilling sex life when encounters are romantic. 
  6. Stay clean. Developing and maintaining healthy grooming habits can supercharge your sex appeal! Pay attention to your appearance with appropriate and reasonable hair, skin, and nail care.
  7. Keep your wardrobe current and make sure your clothes fit and look neat, including your shoes. Make a good impression!
  8. Be confident, but not arrogant in your encounters—especially initial ones—to make a good impression and exude a manly sex appeal.
  9. Don’t be afraid to compliment your partner and let her know that you are attracted to her; emphasize the positive.
  10. Never rest on your laurels! The dynamics of sex appeal are ever-changing and require timely modifications to keep your edge! 

Be sure to check out other articles, top tips, FAQs, men’s health product recommendations and more from my fellow Doctors on our Medical Advisory Board webpage as we celebrate Men’s Health all month long.

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