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SuperFood Summer 5 Ways

Summer is busy! With vacations, camps, cookouts, and more, tasting the season can be a challenge.  When you can’t get the real thing, check out these five GNC SuperFoods to boost your morning smoothie or pack in the car for on-the-go nutrition.


Coconut Oil: Coconut Oil is a naturally great source of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s) which are quickly absorbed by the body and used for energy. Ours is USDA organic, non-GMO, no hexane, unrefined, cold-pressed, and extra virgin.

Apple Cider Vinegar: This is a great ingredient in homemade dressings, recipes, and beverages that can help with natural cleansing and digestion. Our apple cider vinegar is USDA Organic, vegetarian, certified Halal, raw unfiltered with mother* and unpasteurized.

Spiru-Meal: If you’re vegetarian and searching for a quick meal replacement free of artificial sweeteners, this one is for you.  It is loaded with 14g of vegetarian, non-GMO protein that includes spirulina, digestive enzymes, 5g fiber, vitamins, minerals, and no artificial flavors or colors.

Whole Foods Blend: When you don’t have time to chop, dice, and serve up the fruits and veggies of the season, fill your cup with this gluten free, dairy free, clean alternative.  This supplies two servings** of fruits and veggies in a nutrient dense powder for staying active through the summer season.

Maximum Greens Complete: This vegetarian blend is loaded with 26 nutrient rich superfoods per serving, packed with digestive enzymes, essential whole food based vitamins and minerals, is non-GMO and free of artificial sweeteners. Drink up!

*The mother is a the brownish colored sediment at the bottom of the bottle that gives vinegar a cloudy or web-like appearance when the bottle is shaken. The mother occurs naturally from the fermentation of the apples and only exists in unpasteurized vinegar that has not been processed.Due to the pure, natural ingredient in this product, taste, color and consistency may vary

**Based upon air dried fruits and vegetables

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