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GNC 2013 Vendor Awards

It’s red carpet season and we’re joining in here at GNC. Every year we honor select vendors with the prestigious GNC Vendor awards. Put on your best dress, take your seats, and get your acceptance speech ready. Drumroll please!

Product Innovation

Several aspects make this award winner impressive given the requirement to outperform competitors and deliver truly new and differentiated product. By successfully bringing a product into mature, competitive category and quickly establishing the product with effective marketing, sampling, and trial drivers, these winners have become a best-selling new product.

Product Innovation Sports_small

Sports Winner: Cellucor® P6® Extreme Black

The New Cellucor P6 Extreme Black launched with a legendary reputation based on a cult-like following of the previous formulation.  Developed with the goal of providing ground breaking hardcore products, customers responded making this the top product innovation of 2013.

Wellness Winner:  Nugenix

Product Innovation Wellness_small

Nugenix created the number one selling men’s vitality product in GNC stores. The key ingredient is Testofen® which is made from the rare Fenugreek plant. Testofen® has been shown in clinical trials to support testosterone levels. The proprietary Nugenix Testosterone Complex includes five additional ingredients to complement Testofen®. Nugenix is safe and effective, and our customers love it!

Best Protein Bar

In the ultra-competitive bar category, success requires ongoing, consistent sampling and grass roots efforts, both inside/outside of GNC stores. This brand sustains key programs such as consumer sampling, strong promotional activity, and employee sampling and engagement. Finally, the winner brings innovation and of course, offers tremendous taste along with healthy nutritional support.

Best Protein Bar_small

Winner: Quest Nutrition

With so many different types of bars on the market this is an extremely competitive category. Quest Bar features a wide variety of great tasting flavors with a clean nutritional profile. Some of their most popular flavors at GNC are Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate Brownie, Double Chocolate Chunk, White Chocolate Raspberry, and their newest flavor Cookies and Cream.  As expected, they’re a repeat winner in the bar category.

Vendor of the Year

Key attributes for our vendor of the year award include top notch innovation, extremely competitive products, quality formulations, and top selling products. These vendors represent the best of the best.

Vendor of the year Sports_small

Sports Winner: Cellucor®

Cellucor® is a brand that consistently stands out among the supplement brands. No other sports brand inspires customer loyalty, excitement, repeated results, and buzz quite like Cellucor®.  This household brand is a mainstay for us and our customers. A few of their most notable products include Super HD™, C4™Extreme, and P6™ Extreme.

Vendor of the year Wellness_small

Wellness Winner: HNS™

The HNS™ brand consistently performs. Their variety of delivery systems paired with cutting-edge ingredients, allows the GNC customer to customize their supplement approach and taste keeps them coming back for more. Among their product selection, Raspberry Ketone with Green Coffee Bean soft chews and Garcinia Cambogia Chews are a few customer favorites.

Rising Star award

This is given annually to emerging brand that has demonstrated strong sales growth in a short time period. They fully support GNC customers in regards to favorable promotional activity and programs, and show significant growth potential.

Rising Star Sports_small

Sports Winner: Image Sports

IMAGE SPORTS is more than just performing better, it’s also about looking great.  Whether you are a fitness competitor or top level athlete hitting the field, you want one thing – to get that extra edge.  From Pro Grade Weight Loss Whey™ – Vanilla Graham Cracker to 4D Pump™, and TEST 7PCT™, each and every IMAGE product is formulated featuring clinically trialed ingredients with an edge.

Rising Star Wellness_small

Wellness Winner: Pro-Nutra

When you’re looking for the hottest ingredients, Pro-Nutra has it. Garcinia, green coffee bean extract, and guava swept the category in 2013 and will play an integral role in new formulations this year as well. Furthermore, an all-natural ingredient approach ensures cutting-edge formulation.

Outstanding Partnership

This award is given annually to vendor partners that consistently support current and new store programs introducing innovation in the form of new products and brands. They deliver important meaningful sales to the category and add value to GNC from a brand standpoint and from a customer shopping experience perspective.

Outstanding Partner_sports_small

Sports Winner : Iovate Health Sciences International

In 2013, Iovate delivered, launching 2 of the most innovative brands to hit the Sports Nutrition industry in recent memory – EPIQ Sports and Hydroxycut SX-7.  These uniquely positioned and highly innovative GNC exclusive brands offer differentiated formulations with a focus on customer needs.

EPIQ Sports delivers a new breakthrough line of powerful, specialized performance nutrition supplements designed for men and women seeking the best in athletic performance. With its clean formulation approach, EPIQ™ products are certified free of harmful impurities, artificial dyes or colors, and are guaranteed free of banned substances (WADA). Clean is Powerful!

Launching in December of 2014 Hydroxycut SX-7 is the new super extreme, patent pending weight loss formula combining 7 cutting-edge ingredients into one insane assault on your senses! From the same team of R&D experts that brought Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite to the market comes the most anticipated product launch yet. Only at GNC.

Outstanding Partnerahip Wellness_small

Wellness Winner:  Rightway Nutrition

Rightway Nutrition offers a complete line of GNC preferred products, and led the way in “Hot Diet Ingredient” sales for 2013 with quick, first-to-market strategies and premium, standardized product offerings.  Rightway Nutrition also provided unparalleled support for GNC-based initiatives to help support educational, promotional and in-store excitement based initiatives.

Congratulations everyone!

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