Live Well: Men's Health

From My Heart to Yours


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), heart disease is the leading cause of death for men in the United States. So as a Board-Certified Cardiologist and a GNC Medical Advisory Board Member, I naturally wanted to share some thoughts on these “matters of the heart” as we celebrate Men’s Health Month. Here are a few tips, so that together with your health care team, you can work to lower your risk of heart disease:

  • Know if heart disease runs in your family and share the details with your doctor as they could offer clues to keep in mind.
  • Don’t smoke at all, but especially if you are taking birth control pills or hormonal medications.
  • Properly control other diseases that have often been linked to heart disease such as diabetes or obesity.
  • Maintain a proper, quality exercise and nutritional regimen, including keeping an eye on sodium intake.
  • High blood pressure has been referred to as “the silent killer” because people are often unaware that they have an issue. Have your blood pressure and your cholesterol checked often by your doctor and follow any prescribed treatment they provide closely.

I, of course, hope that you never have to deal with heart disease either personally or with family and friends, but knowing these tips and maintaining a close relationship with your personal healthcare team can help. From my heart to yours … LIVE WELL!

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