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When it comes to fitness, I’ve had many years to make my routine a lifestyle. Starting as a gymnast in high school and college, then as a professional swing dancer and later as a bodybuilder, my fitness priorities have gradually changed over the years. My focus has always been on “performance” both physically and mentally. Physically reaching new limits of technique and effectiveness, while showing off what I’ve accomplished in my training for internal and external motivation.

Let’s face it, as a gymnast, a dancer and a bodybuilder I have always been a “performer”. These activities have always put me out on a stage. Now, I use social media (@victorprisk on Twitter and Instagram), magazines and my blogs as my stage, showing you how I stay in shape after 40! By harnessing my competitive spirit through this media, I am always pushing my body to adapt to the environment and stay one step ahead of father time. Your comments and interactions motivate me to grow in body and mind. You can also find motivation this way. Just post pictures or videos of yourself in the gym, pictures of your food or supplements or make progress “selfies” and tag me and/or @gnclivewell.  We will help you stay motivated!

Every year it becomes more of a challenge to find new ways to avoid the inevitable decline in performance that comes with age. If you become complacent, you must realize that all plateaus erode with time. You must embrace the concept of being better than “yesterday’s self”. Here are a few ways that I do that:

  1. SHOCK the system.  The universe is in a balance called “homeostasis”.  Every action has a reaction that tries to “right the ship”. The mechanisms in our bodies that “right the ship” require constant stimulation to stay efficient. That is to say, that if you don’t use it, you lose it. You must find ways to push your body and mind to new limits. In the gym, you must engage your heart and your muscles stimulating adaptations to intensity and resistance.   Outside the gym, you need to grow from stress, as trauma leads to resiliency.
  2. Variety is the spice of life.  Variety in your diet and your training leads to personal growth.  Variety not only forces your body to make new adaptations, but it also refreshes your mind, motivation and competitive spirit.  y trying new exercises, new sports, or new mental challenges (i.e. learning a new language) you keep the body and mind guessing like they were when you were a child. You haven’t stopped growing!  Try new sports, new foods, new supplements and new ideas!
  3. Be active in your rest.  This has been a difficult concept for me to embrace over the years. I always thought that if I just gave everything 110% that I would succeed in sports and life.  However, if you put this much effort into everything, something has got to give. You must recognize that the body and mind need to recover from the stress of exercise and day to day challenges. You must actively pursue ways to recover. This means finding ways to improve the quality and time of your sleep. You must actively pursue ways to clear your mind through mindfulness or meditation. You must provide your body with the right fuel to grow and recover. GNC and The G.A.I.N. Plan can help you to be active in your rest!

My Favorite Supplements for Performance and Recovery

  1. Whey Protein Isolate—best for muscle growth and recovery
  2. Creatine Monohydrate— best for performance and muscle growth
  3. Omega-3 Fish Oils— anti-inflammatory and heart healthy
  4. Polyphenol Anti-Oxidants (Resveratrol)—limits free-radical damage that leads to cell aging
  5. GNC Mega Men® Multivitamin—covers deficiencies in my diet
  6. HMB and BCAAs—spares muscle mass during stressful training
  7. Arginine and Citrulline—improves performance and the feeling of the pump
  8. Caffeine—keeps my mind active and body charged
  9. Probiotics—bugs in the belly must be kept happy (they out number you!)
  10. Melatonin—deeper sleep equals better recovery

My Favorite Workouts

  1. H.I.I.T. (sprints) — intense and invigorating
  2. Fasted Morning Cardio (elliptical, bike and treadmill) —best way to mobilize fat efficiently
  3. The Century Club Challenge —total body challenge with gymnastics roots
  4. Weight Training—keeps muscles strong and defined
  5. Yoga—helps with flexibility, balance, breathing and mindfulness

My Favorite Foods

  1. Salmon—high protein, healthy fats
  2. Yams with Splenda®— a tasty treat of gluten-free complex carbs
  3. Green Veggies (broccoli, asparagus, spinach, kale) —high in nitrates and nutrition
  4. Almonds and Cashews— healthy fats for energy in a low-carb lifestyle
  5. Greek Yogurt, Cinnamon and Whey Protein Isolate—high protein, high satisfaction treat
  6. Frozen Grapes— indulgence
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