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Soccer Season Buying Guide

Soccer is a grueling test of endurance and athleticism. Don’t be the player left on the sideline as the game heads into overtime. Utilize these products to keep you going and play the last minute as fresh as your first.


1. GNC Pro Performance® Pro Crunch™ Lite – Chocolate Deluxe - The convenient bars taste delicious and have the nutritional profile to keep an athlete fueled for competition. With 15 grams of protein having one before a practice or match will keep a player content and energized until after the last whistle.

2. GNC Pro Performance® AMP Amplified Endurance Booster V2™ - When two opposing forwards are on top of their game there’s no doubt that overtime and penalty kicks could come into play. To make sure there is enough gas in the tank for that marathon match AMP Endurance Booster V2™ is a soccer players best friend.

3. GNC Pro Performance® 100% Whey Protein – Natural Chocolate - With all the running a soccer player endures during a match and practice, the loss of muscle could be a concern to some. When hitting the weight room to keep the hard-earned muscle from the off season, be sure to recover using a quality supplement like this one with natural flavors and sweeteners.

4. GNC milestones™ Sport Multivitamin for Teens - We know teens may not necessarily have the perfect diet to fuel optimal sports performance. Help them fill in nutritional gaps with a chewable multivitamin that supports the sports activities they love. Toss a bag in the backpack or gym bag for the athlete on-the-go.

Checkout our full list of banned substance free products available online. You can also learn more about our commitment to providing Sports Nutrition products that are free of banned substances. Remember to always check with your athletic department or athletic governing body for a list of banned substances and safe products. Review the labels of all products you are taking carefully and thoroughly!

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