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5 Ways to Kick-Start Your Training Routine

If you’ve landed on this page you’ve already accomplished an important step of wanting to improve or start your training routine. You’re at the starting line and you just need a little push to get yourself moving and into the race. If you’ve been thinking about getting back to the gym or starting up your favorite exercise but just can’t seem to get yourself in gear, here are five ways to go from neutral to drive!


1. Get a Plan!

Don’t walk into a gym and wonder around aimlessly trying different machines. You’re likely to get bored or frustrated and leave without getting a good workout. Find a plan you’d like to try and think you can handle (always consult your physician before starting any workout routine). There are countless websites that offer weekly and monthly programs. Our GNC Total Lean™ Challenge offers instructional videos from a trainer that progresses over 12 weeks. It also includes meal plans and healthy recipes, all for free!

2. Schedule Your Workouts

Use your smart phone, calendar, day planner, etc and write down exactly when you will workout for the upcoming week. It’s a lot easier to stick to a schedule and know exactly when and for how long you will be working out.  This will also help with your meal planning; if you know when you’ll be working out you’ll be able to plan your meals accordingly. Saying you’ll get to the gym three times a week is good, but saying you’ll get to the gym Monday, Thursday, Saturday and writing it down is a lot better!

3. Supplement Your Workouts

You’re going to be working hard at the gym so make sure you have the right supplements to perform well. If you don’t know where to start and need some guidance, start by finding your Protein Number here.  You might typically think of protein as it relates to building muscle, but in reality, protein is essential for nearly every activity in the body including the production of enzymes, antibodies, cellular messengers, blood, hair, nails and more. Check out all of our resources here for finding the right supplements for your goals.

4. Spring Clean Your Cabinets

If those chips and cookies aren’t in your kitchen cabinet you can’t eat them! If you keep healthy food at your house, you’ll eat healthy food. Before you embark on kick-starting your training routine have a day dedicated to ridding your kitchen of unhealthy foods that will be very tempting. If you’re still craving something sweet check out the recipes section on our GNC blog.  There are many healthy recipes there to keep your sweet tooth in check.

5. Proclaim Your Plan

Let others know you’re planning to kick-start your training routine to keep yourself accountable. Tell your mom, best friend, cube mate, etc. You can even let us know! Tweet to us @GNCLiveWell with questions or just share your plan we’ll respond!

If you still have questions stop by your local GNC and talk to a knowledgeable store associate. Have a great workout!

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