About Kelly Merkle

During the day, I’m @GNCLiveWell Social Media Marketing Project Manager for wellness side of the business. My background is biology and nutrition with many years of sales sprinkled in there. I’m pretty passionate regarding detox, simple supplements, locally owned restaurants, brussels sprouts, leg day, and my Polar USA heart rate monitor.

In my off hours I have an obsession with @VeraBradley yet save a soft spot in my heart for rap. Grew up on a farm in Ohio and played the saxophone for 10 years. My love and honor resides with @MiamiUniversity (in Ohio).

My personal mission statement includes a three tiered approach utilizing the following: optimism, carpe diem, and vision. Among my career aspirations with GNC here are a few things you can expect from me this year:
-Adventures on my road bike
-Prep for a fitness competition
-Reporting on the latest fitness and diet trends

Feel free to reach out to me via social!

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