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Training well is hard work—we’re here to make it easier. All you have to do is bring the ambition, and we’ll help with the rest. Get what you need to be the body you were meant to be, including the hottest training tips and workouts to push your limits; learn about the latest in fitness and sports nutrition; and find the motivation to not only achieve your goals, but conquer them. For hard work that shows:  Train harder. Sweat more.


5 Ways to Kick-Start Your Training Routine

If you’ve landed on this page you’ve already accomplished an important step of wanting to improve or start your training routine. You’re at the starting line and you just need... Read More



Football Season Buying Guide

The football season can be long and grueling. Starting with training camp during the hot days of summer through the fall and into the early part of winter; the physical... Read More



Start 2015 Strong

The New Year is here! In order to make 2015 a success, you need to get serious about your training, set some goals and build a plan. Specific techniques proven... Read More



Soccer Season Buying Guide

Soccer is a grueling test of endurance and athleticism. Don’t be the player left on the sideline as the game heads into overtime. Utilize these products to keep you going... Read More


volleyball on court

Volleyball Season Buying Guide

Volleyball can be an intense and physically grueling sport. From training camp to multiple match days an athlete needs support to keep them playing their best. From pre-and post-match to that... Read More



GNC Heroes: Rob Sarver, US Navy, SEAL Team 3

Here at GNC, we strive to produce the best of the best when it comes to our products. With our #BeatAverage campaign, we promote the everyday battle against what many... Read More



Protein Spiking: How Does it Affect You?

A recent class-action lawsuit has brought to light a shady practice in the supplement industry that has been a problem for many years.  This practice is called “protein spiking” –... Read More


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Fueling the Machine: The Importance of Digestion for Athletes

Digestion…while it isn’t a topic for table-talk, it is one of the most crucial processes of health and fitness. In fact, digestion may be the last hurtle that you need... Read More


Heather Kampf

USATF Foundation Athlete Spotlight – Heather Kampf

During the month of May, to support our partnership with the USATF Foundation, we are highlighting several USATF Foundation athletes in a series of Athlete Spotlights. Heather Kampf is a middle-distance... Read More


Hyleas Fountain

USATF Foundation Athlete Spotlight – Hyleas Fountain

During the month of May, to support our partnership with the USATF Foundation, we are highlighting several USATF Foundation athletes in a series of Athlete Spotlights. Hyleas Fountain became the... Read More